Saturday, April 14, 2012


It was a pretty lazy Friday today, relaxing after a week of school its nice to not do much. I woke up late because weekends I usually sleep in given the chance. Checked up with my email and all the internet stuff I check on a day to day basis. My roommate and I played some Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for a while. 

 I showered and then we went out to a taco shop where I got some rolled tacos for a late lunch. Coming back to the apartment we hung out here for a while and watched the kings beat the Canucks for the second game of their series. For being ranked 13th in the league the LA Kings are holding back the much stronger Canucks quite well, we will see if it lasts.

Played a bit more COD with the roommate after that and finished my two leftover rolled tacos. Just finishing this blog up and hitting the sack. A pretty good storm rolled in today it was raining most of the day and even had some moments of thunder lightning and some hail off and on. Being in Southern California we don't get many storms that bring hail and lightning so its worth mentioning. All in all it was a good day and needed after the school week. A stormy day is always nice to relax around the house and not have to worry about much. Until next time everyone and thanks for reading.


  1. Drop cod and get Battlefield 3, so much better game in all ways.